Happy Students & Parents

thumb_01_60_60Shashank A.

Stanford University

Essays definitely aren’t everything when it comes to college admissions, but I honestly believe that they’re one of the most important parts of your applications. At this point, so, so, so many of the applicants to top schools….

thumb_02_60_60 Laura L.

Cornell University

Living in the heart of the silicon valley, I was worried as to how I could possibly distinguish myself from all my other high achieving peers. I spent a great amount of time during summer before senior year brainstorming all the important…

thumb_03_60_60 Marianna S.

Brown University

It’s halfway through the December of my senior year. I’ve been rejected from Stanford ED. There are eight unfinished college applications staring at me from my desktop, and I have less than 20 days to pull this thing off. I’m beginning to panic….

thumb_01_60_60David H.

Northwestern University HPME Program

Nae played a huge role in my college application process, providing useful insights and helping me come up and organize my ideas. I had tried to go through the whole process on my own, but struggled to get anything useful on paper….

thumb_02_60_60 Nancy H.

New York University

Before discovering Nae, I had seen other college consultants who told me that my attending any good university was out of the question with someone with my record: countless Ds and Fs, a laughably low GPA, no APs to speak of, and disciplinary suspensions.

thumb_02_60_60 Miranda Z.

UC Berkeley

College essays are arguably one of the most important parts of the college application processes. Knowing that, my family brought me to multiple essay helping tutoring centers and individuals to get the best possible help….

thumb_01_60_60Sajal K.

University of Pennsylvania

My decision to transfer schools just after my first semester of college seemed anything but easy at the time. Even today, I can still remember the anxiousness I felt at the daunting thought of going…..

thumb_03_60_60 Shari K.

Happy mother of a son who will be attending Stanford!

Having Nae work with my son on his essays was hands-down the best decision I made when it came to the college admissions process! We came to Nae late in the process right after my son had submitted an early application to one of his top choice schools…

thumb_03_60_60 Genghe

Dartmouth student

In your typical graded essays, the comments are usually an assortment of “awkwards”, a couple of comma errors, and maybe a sentence or two explaning the score at the end. There is never, however, more than a page of comments….

thumb_03_60_60 Anita

Parent of student at Rice University

I found Nae at the last minute through her website and at that point in early senior year my son did not even have a tentative college list. I had been looking at other counselors but none of them could even come close to give my son……

thumb_03_60_60 Elina

Proud USC Student

Nae was an absolute godsend during the entire college admissions process. I’d been to a number of different college counseling centers before, but none of them really clicked for me–I almost always left the initial meeting feeling discouraged, stressed, and somehow …

thumb_03_60_60 Michiru

Smith College

Without Nae, I was not able to go through the college application. I was not even sure whether staying in the State or going back to Japan is the good choice for me until the end of my junior year. Because I grew up in Japan and moved to the States only a few years before…

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