Without Nae, I was not able to go through the college application. I was not even sure whether staying in the State or going back to Japan is the good choice for me until the end of my junior year. Because I grew up in Japan and moved to the States only a few years before the college application, I was extremely worried that I don’t have anything special compare to others who have been doing a volunteer work or taking many AP courses.

However, every time I go to Nae’s office, she discovered my strength and uniqueness that I didn’t even realize. Talking to her made me to come up various ideas and eventually to find the things that I am passionate about. Also, she always takes a time to make a to-do list at the end of every meeting, so I was able to stay on track and use my time wisely to complete the essay one by one.

I was very lucky to meet Nae because not only she helped my application process but also helped me to understand who I am.

College application periods can be tough, and sometimes it makes you anxious. But, with Nae’s advice and support, you are 100% ready to open the door to the bright future!


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