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Job Title: College Admissions Coach

Part-time and full-time positions available
Fully remote


Our company is growing fast and we’re creating a massive impact on the families that we serve. We are hiring a remote college admissions coach to work with our students to meet demand. We offer premier college admissions counseling for 9th to 12th grade students.

As a college admissions coach, you will report directly to the CEO and work with her closely on the roster of students that you serve.

You will be responsible for the following: 

  • End to end student experience. 
    • You will meet with students 1:1 approximately once a week. 
    • You will review student essays once a week. 
    • You will be assigned students, and your work and responsibilities are tied to their experiences working with you. 
    • You will have to motivate and hold students accountable to deadlines (we are project managers for the students), and push them to put their best foot forward in the application process.
    • Help students manage deadlines for college applications
  • End to end student and parent communication.
    • Any emails and communication from our clients (both students and parents) must be responded to in a timely manner
  • Review the student’s college application (called the Common App and UC App) prior to submission 
  • Create a college list for the student based on interests and majors
  • Help students interview for college interviews

Hours & availability: 

  • Ability to work 10-15 hours/week. 
    • The college admissions process is very seasonable. You will see an uptick in the number of hours starting June to December. This timeline goes through Thanksgiving and Winter Holidays. 
  • Able to commit for at least the duration of a student’s application process 
    • 4-7 months minimum for college essays
    • Minimum 1 year for college counseling (engagement typically 1-3 yrs)
  • For college application coaches: Be available for students during key deadline weeks over email in the event of last minute questions from students and parents

How many students will I be handling?

  • Part time coaches: Minimum 5
  • Full time coaches: 8-12

About You: 

Non-negotiable Skills: 

  • Minimum: Undergraduate Bachelor’s degree from a competitive US university 
  • Able to wear many hats. As a college admissions coach, you are a coach for students, a point of contact with parents, and a project manager. It is your responsibility to help students stay on top of their deadlines. 
  • Previous coaching or tutoring experience

Non-negotiable Core Values & Soft Skills: 

  • Mission driven. You want to make the world a better place, and education puts us one step closer to that goal   
  • Genuine care towards supporting people
  • Ability to have FUN 
  • You have a major inclination to go above and beyond. There is no “good enough” for you. Honestly, you’re a bit of a perfectionist and you always aim for excellence. 
  • Reliable. Students and families are counting on you! You have to be there for them!  
  • You find yourself connecting with people easily. You’re the kind of person who asks, “how are you?” to the waiter and you genuinely care about how they are doing. 
  • You are curious about people and their stories. You want to know, what makes this person tick? What motivates them? Why are they how they are? 
  • Models excellence. Our students are aiming to get accepted into top US universities with a less than 10% acceptance rate. By nature, these students must be excellent. Therefore, our coaches must model excellence in everything we do, from customer service to editing essays.

Our Company: Winning Ivy Prep  

Our mission: help students grow into better versions of themselves while empowering them to realize their college dreams. 

What makes us different from other college counseling firms? 

Winning Ivy Prep initially grew through word of mouth simply because families love how we coach. Sure, we have a wealth of knowledge about the admissions process. Of course, we have a proven track record of getting students into their top tier schools. 

But what truly makes us different is this: We are more than “college admissions counseling.” We are mentors. We genuinely care. We over-deliver. We strive to do everything we can to help students realize their college dreams. When students get into their schools, we feel that joy alongside them because we are connected and care so much about their success. 

Most importantly, the biggest compliment we get is beyond an Ivy League acceptance. It’s when students say to us, “I’ve learned so much more about myself throughout the admissions process because of you.” 

We believe that it’s not just about “getting into college.” College is merely four years of a person’s life; we strive to teach life skills to our students throughout the admissions journey that will undoubtedly help them to be successful in college and life beyond.


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