Living in the heart of the silicon valley, I was worried as to how I could possibly distinguish myself from all my other high achieving peers. I spent a great amount of time during summer before senior year brainstorming all the important (“life-changing”, if you will call it) events in my life. By the end of summer, I realized with despairity that every draft I had written was either too cliche or too surface-level.

So, I started to panic—until I met with Nae.The first thing that I noticed about Nae was her diligence. She could spot a missing comma faster than anyone else. Beyond surface-level grammatical errors, Nae really paid attention to every detail in my essay and makes sure that they depict the topic in the most riveting manner possible. Nae gave me the confidence that despite my lost time, we could still craft splendid and unique essays.

Furthermore, Nae’s essay coaching skills and abilities are unparalleled. She knows how to make every individual come alive and be unique on paper. With her help, I was able to dig deeper into topics, and she encouraged me to use my creativity fearlessly.

But, beyond these skills, Nae’s most paramount characteristic is her compassion. I could tell that she genuinely cared about my goals and aspirations, and she worked so hard to help me attain them. Throughout the months that I dare say have been the toughest to endure within my high school career, Nae has become not only an exceptional mentor but also a great friend.

I will be attending Cornell, and I couldn’t have made it this far without Nae. For Nae’s help, I am forever thankful.

Laura L.

Cornell University

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